The Firm

Post-conviction representation since 1981

The Law Office of Cliff Gardner has been providing post-conviction representation in criminal cases since 1981, both in California and throughout the United States.

We provide appellate representation, as well as state and federal habeas corpus representation. Our skilled and experienced lawyers have appeared repeatedly in the state and federal trial and appellate courts, and in the California and United States Supreme Courts; we are experienced at every level of the state and federal court systems. Because of our depth of experience, we represent some of the highest profile cases in the country. And because of our national reputation, we assist in training criminal defense lawyers around the country in all facets of post-conviction representation.

The firm has four lawyers from widely different backgrounds: Cliff Gardner, Lazuli Whitt, Daniel Buffington and Kevin Armonio. Each case which comes into the firm is handled by at least two of these lawyers.

In state or federal habeas cases which require factual investigation, we work with a variety of investigators, also from diverse backgrounds. In this way we can match a particular investigative task with an investigator best suited to accomplish that task.

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